Hazard Perception Test Online

Hazard Perception Test Online (HPTO)

Resource: Vicroads.

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Driving School Melbourne

HIENZ Driving School Melbourne

Established in Melbourne since 1991

HIENZ driving school has been established since January 1991 in Melbourne. We are one of the best driving schools in Melbourne. Our driving instructors conduct quality driving lessons to learner drivers so that most of them passed their driving test at the first time, after successful their test, they left our driving instructors a fantastic Google Reviews  We are proud and happy with what we deliver is the best and affordable driving lessons to our students. Compare our prices with other driving school in Melbourne, we can say that our driving lessons are cheapest driving lessons in Melbourne. Many of our learner drivers tried the first lesson with our driving instructors, they immediately satisfied with our trainers training them, we train them with easy method with friendly manner attitude, building confident in them, make their driving become easy and fun, every lesson they can learn something new for their driving by this way, our students can achieve their goals successful at the first driving test.

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Driving Instructor Careers - Benefit with Hienz Driving School

Teaching with Hienz Driving School can benefit your driving instructor career.

Are you seeking for driving instructor jobs?

Working as a driving teacher with Hienz Driving School is a brilliant career choice for independent driving instructors who have been struggling to find students around Melbourne looking for some driving lessons. On average, the current hourly rate for a driving lesson around Australia has estimated to be around $50 per hour. Our company currently operates in Melbourne which has one of the highest volumes of students, driving instructors in VIC can earn a higher rate per hour compared to the other states in Australia. The estimated annual salary of a driving instructor in Melbourne, VIC is estimated to be around $60k-$70k. Our driving instructors have been able to earn much more than the average Melbourne driving instructor, we have been able to place our driving instructors into the top 1% of all Australian driving instructors for estimated annual salaries.    

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Driving instructors Melbourne Job



HIENZ Driving School Melbourne Victoria

Are you looking for a driving instructor job in Melbourne?

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How To Pay by using POLiPay


Step 1

Click  Check Out 

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Convert your overseas licence

Sources: Vicroads website

Are you converting your oversea licence to Victorian licence?

Your licence must be verified prior to booking the following tests:

    • Road Law Knowledge Test
    • Hazard Perception Test
    • Drive Test
    • Search for more info here: https://billing.vicroads.vic.gov.au/bookings/Overseas
    • If your overseas drivers licence is from a Recognised Country or a country where driving experience IS recognised, you may not need to take a test.
    • Rules for temporary and permanent visas holders

      Temporary Visa

      If you hold a temporary visa:

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Stop in the middle of the median strip


You are turning right in photo A, B, C. Which photo allowed you to stop in the median strip?

Answer: Photo C

Photo A,

This median strip, there is a right turn lane. It can be used for traffics turning right. You must give way to oncoming traffics, travelling along traffics, turning traffics. You are not allowed to stop in the middle of the median strip to block any traffic. You can drive pass it when it is safe to complete the turn.

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How many Driving Lessons do you need before sitting for a licence driving test


How long will it take to complete your lessons ?

If you have just started or are planning to start on taking your driving lessons, chances are that there are lots of questions you might have in mind. Most of the times, the main question that most people have in mind is how long it will take them to complete the lessons before they can take their test and hopefully pass. You’re so eager to acquire your license and get behind the wheel, without needing someone to guide you through. So, back to your question, “how long should it take to get that license after having passed the driving test?” The answer to the question is that there is no defined amount of time that you need.

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HIENZ driving lessons prices

HIENZ driving school has a wealth of experience unmatched in Melbourne. For the past 29 years we have taught so many drivers with a sense of pride in building a better society. We have not conformed to the easy road of incompetency but have chosen to take the long, strenuous and demanding road of competency. Therefore, we believe in what we do as a driving institution. We have never compromised on the quality of driving lessons we offer. We ensure every single dollar our learners spend is worth the lessons and the experience.

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