What are the common mistakes that make you fail the driving test?


Obviously, people make grief mistakes when taking a driving test. Perhaps, if you are familiar with these mistakes you can avoid them during your own driving test. First on the list of common mistakes during tests is failing to stop at a STOP sign. Oftentimes, drivers taking tests tend to focus so much on driving properly that they forget to make a stop at designated places. Then a driver will forget to give way to other drivers who have the right of way. Another common mistake among test drivers is denying pedestrians the right of way. It’s important to always remember that even pedestrians have rights on the road too.

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What do license testers test drivers on?

I am certain that most learners at a driving school ask themselves a question such as what a license tester looks for. The good thing is for the learner to first prepare their mind to be tested ready. The tester is on your side plus you know most of what they will test you on. Of course there are few things that a tester is interested in finding out from you. For one, the tester needs to know that you can safely drive a car on the road. When you get to take your practical driving test you need to be mentally focused to avoid panicking. Take each of your safety rules as the driving instructors taught you.

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Driving Lesson on test route in Melbourne & Melton

You are new at driving, or after taking the wheel for a long break and now looking for driving schools in Melton, HIENZ Driving School will be your best choice. Our instructors are local know the area inside and out when it comes to driving lessons in Melton. The courses offer have for a long time emphasised on the need to fully comprehend the practical aspect of the training in order to mould a top notch driver for the roads. We understand the weight of the matter and therefore we have taken every step necessary to help you achieve your driving goals in the period you will be working with us. The following is one of the testing routes in Melton.

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