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Teaching with Hienz Driving School can benefit your driving instructor career.

Are you seeking for driving instructor jobs?

Working as a driving teacher with Hienz Driving School is a brilliant career choice for independent driving instructors who have been struggling to find students around Melbourne looking for some driving lessons. On average, the current hourly rate for a driving lesson around Australia has estimated to be around $50 per hour. Our company currently operates in Melbourne which has one of the highest volumes of students, driving instructors in VIC can earn a higher rate per hour compared to the other states in Australia. The estimated annual salary of a driving instructor in Melbourne, VIC is estimated to be around $60k-$70k. Our driving instructors have been able to earn much more than the average Melbourne driving instructor, we have been able to place our driving instructors into the top 1% of all Australian driving instructors for estimated annual salaries.    

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Driving instructors Melbourne Job



HIENZ Driving School Melbourne Victoria

Are you looking for a driving instructor job in Melbourne?

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Should learners be taught in strict or fun way?

The question of whether learners need to be taught in a strict or fun way by their instructors does not have a definite answer. There are a few variables that might affect the modes of teaching in strict or fun methods. Obviously, the fun method is a better choice for nearly anyone who wishes to take driving lessons. It’s understandable since, driving should be fun –the driver should immerse himself into the process and become one with the car and the road. However, even in fun times, too, much of something is poisonous.

The fact of the matter is that driving isn’t rocket science and the fun ease the stress for the new drivers. Similarly, the learner needs to be aware of what is happening on the road and the implications in case of a mishap. When the instructor is teaching learners about road safety measures it is crucial to make them understand the severity of a grievous mistake while on the road. The driver needs to get the facts right to ensure they do not become part of the problem. On the other hand, instructors need to loosen up during fun filled parking lessons. Too much strain might cause the drivers to miss concepts involved in pulling out a great parking.

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The differences between an experienced driving instructor and an inexperienced one

Inexperienced Instructor

There are a few differences between an experienced driving instructor and a new driving instructor. For instance, the new driving instructor lacks confidence on how they execute their duties. There are other noticeable differences while others are not very obvious. Either way the experienced instructor has so much on the inexperienced instructor. That means the experienced driving instructor will offer better lessons than the inexperienced one. So how do you distinguish between the two and are you supposed to even look so hard? For one, the lack of confidence will betray the inexperienced instructor.

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The role of a driving instructor

The driving instructor is a very critical person in the driving lessons. The driving instructor holds the key to your final performance during the test. Beyond the lessons they take you through, the driving instructor offers the learners’ motivation as a tutor. The choice of tutor will influence how you approach driving for the rest of your life. If the instructor impacted little road discipline in you, it might affect your driving test and also your driving years later. Therefore, it’s important to work with a driving instructor, who is competent, disciplined, and motivated. There are so many adjectives that can be used to describe a great driving instructor but the above will do for now.

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