Automatic Car

Toyota Yarris 2021 Hatchback, Bronze

Registration Plate: 1UP7RT

Vicroads Testing Sites

Deer Park.


DIA Number: 3730


My ultimate goal is to have as many individuals train with me can be able to receive quality driving skills and stay in line with the driving requirements of the international standards. I give equitable and affordable classes for every stage of driving that a person enrolls to take part in be it the beginner classes or the refresher courses. In this, I stand as the only driving instructor that actually stands as a buffer between a person and a great driving experience that cannot be traced anywhere else.  


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Reviews 5 Star Rating


I recently embarked on an incredible driving journey with Andy, and I am beyond grateful for the remarkable experience he provided me. From the very first lesson, it was evident that Andy possesses all the qualities one would seek in a driving instructor – he is patient, kind, and incredibly skilled at what he does. Thanks to his exceptional guidance and support, I successfully passed my probationary license test at the age of 18 first go! Throughout our lessons, Andy's warm and welcoming demeanor put me at ease, creating a safe and comfortable learning environment. He understood the anxiety and nervousness that often accompany learning to drive, especially for a young driver like me, and he skillfully transformed each session into an enjoyable and productive experience. Andy's ability to identify even the smallest triumphs and shower genuine compliments on his students is truly remarkable. Whether it was mastering a challenging manoeuvre or making improvements in my driving skills, Andy never hesitated to celebrate my progress, boosting my confidence and driving motivation to excel further. What truly sets Andy apart from other driving instructors is his unwavering dedication to his students' success. He goes above and beyond to accommodate their schedules, often adjusting his own to ensure that they receive the best possible instruction. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy to anyone seeking driving lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner or seeking to enhance your driving skills, Andy's expertise and genuine care make him the perfect choice. He is not just a driving instructor but also a remarkable mentor, guiding his students towards becoming safe and responsible drivers for life. Thank you, Andy, for being an exceptional driving instructor and for the lasting impact you've made on my driving journey. I am incredibly grateful for the skills, knowledge, and confidence you have imparted to me.


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