Automatic Car

Toyota Corolla 2021 Hatchback, Charcoal

Registration Plate: 1ST 5RT

Vicroads Testing sites

Deer Park



DIA Number: 4117


I have been qualified and accredited as a driving instructor in 2014. I have driving experience in many countries and in a variety of road scenarios, including airside driving at Melbourne Airport.  In addition, I have six years of teaching experience as a university lecturer. I am comfortable interacting, relating and communicating with a diverse range of people, understanding everyone’s unique learning requirements. I am also a mother of 3 adult children, so have been through this process and understand the challenges that learning to drive can present for everyone involved. I combine all of my personal driving and teaching experiences to help you to become a safer driver. I always focus on improving your defensive driving skills and build good driving habits. I look forward to assisting you in realising your driving goals. 


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Review 5 Star Rating


Gave very good pointers to having good driving habits, driving with Rita was very calming as she gave very clear and straight forward directions. Thanks to Rita I was able to pass my test with flying colours. Rita as very nice and patient with my learning which made me very comfortable driving along side her.


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