Automatic Car

Vaccinated Instructor

Testing sites: Burwood East, Dandenong, Heartherton 

Instructors Vehicle: Automatic Transmission, Toyota Corolla 2015 Hatchback, White

DIA Number: 3775

Registration Plate: ZPZ-075

Thomas provides quality lessons and he has shows results to prove it, he works with the student in order for them to spot out their mistakes and become a safer driver. He is known to show results with unique methods. After receiving your driving license, you will be comfortable to know that you have received the highest level of training. 

Testimonial: You can check out our testimonial page or have a look at our Google reviews to see his success with our company. 

5 Star Rating


Thomas was great, dealt with me when I was stressing out and was always calm. After trying about 4 other instructors Thomas was the first where the focus was passing my ps right from the start which I really appreciated. His teaching style worked well with me as well, when I made a mistake he would make me do it till I got it right. Even though I was nervous for the test I still felt confident with my abilities because of Thomas.

Chloe Quinn

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