Automatic Car

Toyota Yaris 2019 Hatchback, Dark Blue.

Registration Plate: 1RL1ON

Vicroads Testing sites

Deer Park



DIA Number: 4375


As a driving instructor, Tim provides exceptional service to his clients. He has a keen eye for driving errors that will improve your driving skills exponentially in a short amount of time. Tim is known to be very caring, enthusiastic and passionate about his job as he cares for the students that he teaches. Tim is known to provide clear instructions on how you can improve your driving so that you can feel more confident driving on your own in the future. He has passed many of our students on the first go and he knows the local roads very well. His level of comprehension on being a driving instructor is one of a kind. His level of focus and presence during a driving lesson will provide you with a wonderful experience when learning how to drive.     


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Reviews 5 Star Rating


tim was a great instructor, i had a great time and enjoyable experience with him. he taught me a lot about driving in a very short time and was able to pass my test in a few weeks.

highly recommend



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