Vaccinated Instructor

Testing sites: Broadmeadows, Carlton, Deer Park.

Instructors Vehicle: Automatic Transmission, Toyota Corolla 2017 Hatchback, White

DIA Number: 2998

Registration Plate: 1IV-9KJ

Tony has a vast amount of knowledge as a professional Driving instructor, with his experience Tony is able to teach students who have no experience to the point that they are confident and safe drivers. He takes pride in ability to teach those who are scared of driving for the first time. He is known to be patient, carrying and understanding so that the student can feel at ease, he has a strong ability to teach everything a student needs to past the driving test with ease and become an independent driver. We have many students who were delighted with Tony's service as he posses a comprehensive level of understanding when it comes to driving for the first time.   

: You can check out our testimonial page or have a look at our Google reviews to see his success with our company. 

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