Testimonials - Joe Sabe

5 Stars

Sasha Aftufel

I had the pleasure of having Joe as my instructor, he always made sure I felt as comfortable as possible. Very patient instructor who has been fantastic in helping me gain my p's. I highly recommend Joe, as I previously had two other instructors who I feel weren't as dedicated to their job. Once again thank you Joe.


5 Stars

Cheryvil Hawrylow

I highly recommend Joe Sabe. I had to convert my overseas license and I took refresher courses with Joe. He was always prompt and gave a courtesy call before arriving. I felt very comfortable with his teaching methods, he endorsed being safe, he was very encouraging, pointed out my errors, he was very patient with all my questions, patient with my driving. He is also knowlegeable of the whole testing process (I took mine at Broadmeadows) and accompanied me every step of the way. Thank you Joe! I passed my drivers test on the first take!

5 Stars

Norman Ioane-Afa

Joe Sabe was very professional and very helpful. Thanks Joe for helping me pass to get my P1 license.
I would recommend Joe from HIENZ Driving School to anyone who wants to have driving licence.

5 Stars

Ruby Shrestha

Thanks to HIENZ Driving School and Joe for helping me getting my driver licence. Couldn't have done it without you guys .
Definitely recommend to my friend and family. Thanks

5 Stars

Nicky Smith

Joe is professional, amiable and very patient. I highly recommend him.

5 Stars

Anna Girgis

Joe from HIENZ Driving School was a great instructor!! He was very patient and helped me with all the skills I needed to have to be a safer driver and pass my license test. Would highly recommend him as he knows the roads really well and is able to take you through everything you need to know!

5 Stars

Nghi Nguyen

Joe was a great instructor. He was patient and taught me everything I needed to know to pass the driving test.

5 Stars

Jenny Ho

Thank you to Joe and the rest of the Hienz team for helping me pass my P's test on my first try!! Great, informative and friendly service!! 100% would recommend!

5 Stars

Abbas Attarwala

I had an overseas licence and used to drive in my home country regularly. As a result, I had developed certain habits that would not allow me to pass the driving test. Mr. Joe Sabe is a very experienced driving instructor and understood this quickly. He re-trained me to help me get rid of those habits with lots of practice. Thanks to Mr Joe - I passed my driving test on the first attempt!

I would highly recommend Mr. Joe Sabe from Heinz Driving School for driving lessons as well as helping you obtain a Victorian driver's licence

5 Stars

Marcia Valdes

JOE was a great instructor! He was extremely knowledgeable, helping me establish good driving habits and become more comfortable behind the wheel. He was also able to take me along test routes which helped greatly when it came to my actual test. Would highly recommend!

5 Stars

Nandeesh Lingesh shakunthala

Dear Sir, thanks a lot for the help with the driving test. Especially the reverse parallel parking technique you thought me is the best.

Kind regards,

5 Stars

Teodora Talevska

Joe was very helpful

5 Stars

Steven Lam

JOE was a great teacher and mentor who was extremely knowledgeable about the surrounding areas and driving rules. He was able to provide useful insight into things to look out for, and gave me optimal preparation for the driving test. Although I have already completed over 120 hours in my log book before taking the lessons, I have discovered that there was still so much more to be learnt. JOE's lessons allowed me to become aware of things to be careful of and brought to my attention things I have never considered before.

Thank you HIENZ Driving School and in particular to JOE.

5 Stars

Frances Raymundo

I really appreciate the guidance and also encouragement that I’ve received from instructors: Tim, Andy and Joe. They have not only helped me learn skills but also the confidence to apply the knowledge that they teach me.

5 Stars

Micah Banal

Joe helped me gain confidence on the road and was very nice and informative.

5 Stars

Merrin Baby

Mr. Joseph (JOE) is a very good teacher. He is very patient and keeps explaining every thing over and over again till you do it perfectly. He is very calm and has a pleasing personality. I would highly recommended him to everyone I know. If you are looking to learn from the best look no further. He is also speaks 4 languages other than english and has more than 30 years experience under his belt. Thank you Mr. Joseph and HIENZ driving school for helping me get my license.

5 Stars

Tony Dinh

Very informative and friendly. Would constantly give tips and advice during the lesson. Would recommend JOE to everyone.

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