Driving safe during Easter Holiday in Melbourne

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Easter is often accompanied by warm weather and a three-day long weekend, which makes it one of the most high-risk times to be on the Australian Roads. If you’re planning to drive in Melbourne, you should thus keep in mind that travelling during holiday periods would be riskier. There will be increased traffic volumes, tiredness, congestion, visitors driving in unfamiliar environments, and a number of people may be ignoring the drink driving rule.

That being the case, here are essential things that you should observe on your Easter long-weekend getaway.

Avoid distractions while driving

Being destructed for a split second can be detrimental. Thus, it is wise that you put away your cell phone and avoid any distractions such as talking with passengers, eating while driving, and adjusting electronics like the radio and GPS.

Buckle Up Safely

 Ensure all vehicle occupants wear their seatbelts and secure the children correctly in the appropriate seats.

Maintain a safe following distance

You should maintain a distance of about two seconds between vehicles in good weather conditions and about four seconds in wet conditions. Besides, you should also:

  • Not overload the vehicle
  • Stay within the speed limit at all times
  • Avoid driving after dark if possible
  • Obey the road signs and carry your driver’s license with you
  • Be courteous towards other road users – it’s Easter, keep your temper down and resist the temptation to retaliate.

 Learn to drive from experts

The very first step to ensuring that you’re safe on the road is learning how to drive from the best. HIENZ driving school has experienced Instructors who are dedicated and well-educated in the art of coaching to ensure that students who go through our driving lessons reach their full potential. We offer specialized driving lesson's Packages and Plans in Melbourne, aimed at providing theoretical and practical knowledge, which guarantees safety and discipline on the road.

Be a trained, responsible, and safe driver of tomorrow with our matchless driving lessons Melbourne!

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