Plan A 5 Lessons

$350 Auto

You have 5 Auto lessons/45mins 


Includes 1 Licence driving test and
** 1 Retest 50% off.

Plan B 10 Lessons

$560 Auto

You have 10 Auto lessons/45mins


Includes 1 driving test and
** 1 Retest 50% off

Plan C 15 Lessons

$770 Auto

You have 15 Auto lessons/45mins

Includes 1 Licence driving test and
** 2 Retest 50% off.

Pay as You Go

$44 Auto
$50 Manual

Learners and Refreshers

Lessons as you Go

THE best most affordable driving school that truly cares

Welcome to Hienz Driving School in Melbourne.

Learning to drive can be a daunting prospect. Whether you’re new to the Melbourne roads or taking the wheel again after a failed attempt, you need quality, affordable driving lessons from a friendly, patient driving instructor. You need someone local who knows your area inside and out and goes the extra mile to make sure you get it right. We are the best driving school in Melbourne, and our student's results speak for themselves.

When you choose Hienz Driving School Melbourne, you are choosing a professional driving school that puts you on the road to success in passing your driving test. We offer a driving experience and tuition environment which is beneficial to the new learner with experienced driving instructors on the Melbourne roads who understand your nerves and teach you safe techniques that will help you to become a life-long safe and confident driver. Check out our testimonials below or have a look at our gallery of successful learners around Melbourne. 

Testimonials 5 Star Rating


Tim is a very experienced driving instructor that is able to maintain a sense of discipline as well as ease when preparing you for your drive test. He is very friendly, understanding, engaging and knowledgeable, with his ongoing criticism helping me to pass my test. I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Tim as your instructor for your next drive :)

Huy Bui

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