We understand you may have some questions before you book a driving lesson and/or your test with us. We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the right decision.

The driving test

Q: What is a driving test?

A: Driving test is the time to show your driving skills to a tester who sits next to you if you use your car, or at the back seat behind your instructor if you use our driving school cars. Our instructor will sit at the front seat next to you.

Q: What is a re-test?

A: Re-test means that you must do the license driving test again.

Q: My child is 16 years old and just got the learner's permit. When can they sit for the driver's licence test?

A: When your child turns 18 years of age

Q: How many lessons do I need to take before sitting for a driver's licence test?

A: It all depends on each person’s driving ability. Learners from 18 to 20 years old must have 120 hours driving practice. Learners from 21 years old can sit for a licence test after any hours driving practice, as long as they gain enough driving experience. Click here to read more

Q: What are there included in the drive test?

A: Drive test includes: you use our instructor's car for the test and our driving instructors will sit next to you in the passenger seat during the test.

Q: Does the drive test include Vicroads booking fee and driving lessons?

A: No, it does not include the Vicroads fee and driving lessons. It is included 1 hour of your test's time

Q: Do you have car which has interlock installed ready for license driving test?

A: No we don't. 

Q: How long does the licence test take?

A: Usually licence test takes 35 minutes.

Our lessons

Q: How much is a lesson?

A: 1 lesson is $43 for auto, $48 for manual.

Q: Can my friends or family members or my baby sit at the back seat during the lessons

A: Yes they can. But they might interfere with your driving lesson. We don't recommend it.

Q: How long is one lesson?

A: 1 lesson is 45 minutes.

Q: When do the lessons start counting?

A: The lessons will start counting from the time you booked with the instructors, if they came late 5 minutes then they will make 5 minutes back to your 45 or 90 minutes lesson.

Q: Do your instructors come to my place pick me up and drop off after the lesson?

A: Yes we do. If you'd like the instructors pick you up or drop off at different address, you must inform them in advance.

Q: How many driving lessons do I need to pass the driving test?

A: It depends on your driving ability. Click here  to read more

Booking a lesson

Q: Can I call you to book a driving lesson?

A: Yes, you can. It would be easier for you to book your lessons online

Q: Can I call you to ask questions before I book lessons or buying a package or a plan

A: Yes you can. If there was no answer, please leave your enquiry message. We will contact you as soon as we can.

Q: Do you teach free driving lesson from Keys2Drive?

A: Yes we do. Use our Contact form, send us your free driving lesson id number, we verify it and contact you to arrange the lesson.

Q: How do I have the free driving lesson from Keys2Drive

A: You can visit Keys2Drive website to register with them, after registered, they send you the free lesson code number, send it to us to arrange the lesson.

Q:  Can I send an enquiry form to request a call back?

A: Yes, you can send us a Contact form, we will contact you back as soon as we can.

Q: Can I book a driving lesson directly online?

A: Yes, you can. Click BOOK ONLINE NOW to book your lessons with an instructor who conduct the services in your local

Q: If my driving test is at 3:35pm what time should I book with you for 1 lesson / 45 min lesson and test?

A: Your test is at 3.35pm, you book your lesson at 2.45pm 


Q: I want to know how do i purchase the plans online and pay in person? 

A: You can book 1 or 2 lessons without buying a plan or package. Before the lessons, You can discuss it with your instructor.

Q: How can I book a driving lesson online?

A: Create an account with us then: 

  1. Choose your location. 
  2. Choose the instructor who operates in your area.
  3. Choose day and time that suits you and book an available time slot in our bookings calendar.
  4. Please contact us if you'd like to book a lesson after 7pm, they are available but are outside of our standard booking calendar.
  5. You will automatically receive a booking confirmation and a reminder of your upcoming lesson.

Q: Can I manage my booking online?

A: Yes, you can. You must register to have an account with us to manage your driving lessons.

Q: Can I change my driving lesson appointment to another day online?

A: Yes you can, but it must be 1 day (24 hours) before the appointment's time or late cancellation fee will be applied

Q: How long do I have to wait to sit for the licence test after I made an appointment with Vicroads?

A: Usually you have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks after you made the appointment. Or check Vicroads website regularly every 10 or 15 minutes, there might be someone cancel their appointment.

Q: I wanted to get the $30 offer for the first lesson. Cause when i tried booking online it only has the 45 mins lesson for $43 option.

A: Go to : www.hienzdrivingschool.com.au/Vouchers. Buy it from here, after the payment, go back to your account then book your lesson. 

Q: Can I book lessons after 7pm?

A: Yes, you can. Call us 03 9317 4871 or leave the message in our answering machine. We will contact you as soon as we can.The prices will varied:

  • From 7pm - $50 for an auto lesson, $55 for a manual lesson (45mins)
  • From 8pm - $60 for an auto lesson, $65 for a manual lesson (45mins)
  • From 9pm - $70 for an auto lesson, $75 for a manual lesson (45mins)

Our Plans and Packages

Q: My child is 16 years old and just got the learner permit. Which plan is the best for them?

A: The best package for your child is 5 lessons = $210. After 5 lessons your child can drive with family members safely and collect 120 hours driving experience before buying Plan A to prepare for the license test.

Q: What conditions apply to the plan?

A: With the Plans, you can redeem the plan or package with 1 instructor only. There is a 3 months validation for Plans A and B and all packages. Six months for plan C. The second's license drive test fee will be offered half price of $135. You pay $65 (this retest 50% off will not be applied after 3 months for plan A and B and 6 months for plan C).

Q: How long are the Plans valid for?

A: The plans A and B are valid for 3 months, Plan C is valid for 6 months .

Q: Can I extend the period of validation of my Plan?

A: It depends on the situation, which will be discussed with your instructor.

Q: What is the meaning of 6 months unlimited Retest 50% off?

A: Within 6 months from the start date, if you drive confidently, you can book a test, from the second test onward, the unlimited Retest 50% off will apply. 

Q: I want to try 1 lesson before buying a plan. Is it possible?

A:  Yes you can, You can book 1 lesson before buying the plan or package.

Q: Do I need to pay the full amount for the package after a booking?

A: Yes, you have to make the full payment to purchase one of our plans or packages online.

Q: Can I upgrade from planA to planB to planC or from package 1 to package 4?

A: Yes you can, you can discuss this matter with your instructor, there will be no additional upgrade's charges

Q: Does the Vicroads booking fee include in the Packages?

A: No, The Vicroads booking fee does not include, you have to pay Vicroads booking fee yourself.

Our instructors

Q: Can I choose a driving instructor who speaks my language?

A: Yes, you can. Call or email a contact form to us, we will contact you as soon as we can

Q: Can I change the instructor?

A: Yes, you can. If you had a plan or package, you must do it at lesson 1 or 2

Q: Do you have female instructors

A: No, We don't.

If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to contact us and send us a message or give us a a call on 03 9317 4871.