We understand you may have some questions before you book a driving lesson and/or your test with us. We have prepared a sectioned list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the right decision. The below questions have been hand selected by you! We endeavor to put relevant questions on here and these are the questions that most learners have asked us in the past 25 years of teaching Melbourne drivers. 

1. Lesson and Pricing
2. Booking a lesson and a license test
3. Plans and Packages 
4. Our Instructors 
5. Driving Test

1. Lesson and Pricing

How much is a lesson? 
Prices are vary depending on which package is chosen, on a single lesson the prices are $44 Automatic and $50 for manual lessons.

How much is the surcharge of each lesson on weekend and public holiday?
It is 10% surcharge for each lesson on Sunday, 15% surcharge for each lesson on public holiday.

How long does the lesson run for? 
Our lessons run for 45 minutes, you can also book double lessons which will go for 90 minutes (1.5 hrs) 

Can my friend or family members sit at the back seat during the lesson?
Yes they can, this includes children if you have the appropriate seat. We do not recommend this as it may disrupt the lesson. 

What if i come late to my lesson? 
Your lesson will commence at the specific time slot. If the instructor comes late, it will be their responsibility to teach you for the full 45 minutes of the lesson.

Where do I have to meet my instructor?
Our instructors generally drive to the learner's home. We are able to pick you up and drop you off at a different location, please discuss this with your instructor before the lesson starts or inform us online. 

How many driving lessons do I need to pass the driving test? 
It depends on your experience. Click here to found out more. 

Can I book a lesson after 7 p.m.?
Yes, you can. The prices vary depending on how late the lesson is booked in for, pricing for the hourly rates is below.

From 6 p.m. Winter time, 7 p.m. Summer time - $50 for Auto, $55 for a manual lesson
From 7 p.m. Winter time, 8 p.m. Summer time - $60 for Auto, $65 for a manual lesson
From 8 p.m. Winter time, 9 p.m. Summer time - $70 for Auto, $75 for a manual lesson

2. Booking a lesson and license test

How do I book a lesson?
You can book a lesson with us by calling us a call or booking a lesson with us online

I haven't had learner permit, can I book a driving lesson?
No, You must have learner permit before you can book a driving lesson.

How do I claim my $35 offer for my first lesson?
To claim your cheap first lesson offer, buy the voucher first then book your driving lesson with one of our instructor. Claim it through this link

Do you teach free driving lessons from Keys2Drive?
Yes, we do! Please send us your free driving lesson ID via our contract form, after we have verified the ID number, we will contact you and arrange your free lesson. Remember to have someone who has full driver licence accompany you during the lesson.

How do I claim a free driving lesson from Keys2Drive? 
You can visit the Keys2Drive website to register with them, after registering, they will send you the free lesson code number. Send an email to info@hienzdrivingschool.com.au, we will arrange a free driving lesson for you. 

If my driving test is at 3:35 p.m., what time should I book a lesson before the test? 
If your test is at 3:35 p.m., please book a lesson 45 minutes before your test, in this example, you would book a lesson at 2:45 p.m.

How do I purchase a plan and pay it by cash?
Go to Book Now to book a single or double lesson without buying a voucher. You can discuss payment methods with your instructor before the lessons. 

How can I book a lesson online?
Create an account with us and then follow the 5 steps below.

1. Choose your location.
2. Choose the instructor who operates in your area.
3 Choose the date and time that suits you and book an available time slot in our bookings calendar. 
4. Please contact us if you'd like a lesson after 7 p.m., they are available but are outside our standard booking calendar. 
5. You will automatically receive a booking confirmation and a reminder of your upcoming lesson.

Can I manage my booking online?
Yes you can, you must register to have an account with us in order to manage your driving lessons. 

Can I change my appointment to another day online?
Yes you can. It is required for you to inform us at least 24 hours before the appointment time or late cancellation fees will be applied. 

How long do I have to wait to sit the driving test after I have made an appointment? 
Generally 3-4 weeks after you've made the appointment, availability are subject to change. You can also regularly update the VicRoads website to see if a booking as been cleared as people can sometimes cancel their test. 

How do I know if my instructor will be available for my driving test? 
You can check the instructors calendar before booking your test to confirm a time slot with the instructor that matches the driving test.

3. Plans and Packages

I want to try 1 lesson before buying a plan? Is this possible?
Yes, you can claim your first lesson for $35 with our online offer before buying a plan or package. 

How long do my plans last for?
Plan A , B and C are valid for 6 months.

Can I extend the period of validation for my selected Plan?
Depending on the situation, we will review and discuss this with your instructor. 

I will be 18 years old in 10 months. Can I book Plan C to practice driving around the resting routes?
Plan C has a validation of 3 months. We suggest for you to buy a 5 lesson package without the driving test to practice first and then discuss your desired learning outcomes with your instructor. 

Do I have to pay the full amount of a voucher online?
Yes, the full payment is required for purchasing our online vouchers.

My child is 16 years old and just got their learners permit. Which plan is best for them?
The best package for your child is the 5 lessons package = $215 (Auto). After the 5 lessons, your child can practice driving with family members safely and gain the mandatory 120 hours of driving experience. Once the 120 hours have been logged and they are over the age of 18, we recommend plan A to prepare them for the driving test. 

Can I upgrade my current deal that I have taken out? 
Yes, this applies to both our Packages 1 to 4. Plan A to C.

Are the VicRoads booking fee included in the package?
No, the booking fee will be paid by the learner.

4. Our Instructors

Can I choose my driving instructor who speaks my language?
We can cater to some languages, please send us an email for more information. 

Can I change my instructor?
Yes you can.

Do you have any female instructors?
Currently we do not, we aim to increase our diversity in the future. 

5. Driving Test

What is a license driving test? 
A test to determine if your skills are adequate to drive without supervision, a VicRoads assessor will sit next to you and use your car during the test. The test requires you to drive around the local roads and you must perform different driving procedures such as three-point turns and parallel reverse parking. If you are using our company car, the test will be conducted with the assessor sitting behind our instructor during the test. 

How many lessons do I need to take before sitting for a drivers license test? 
It all depends on the driver's current ability, there is a requirement for learners under the age of 20 to have at least 120 hours of driving before they can take the test. Learners that are 21 and over can sit for a driving test after any hours of practice.

How much do you charge for a driving test? 
We charge $140/hour for the test (Not include Vicroads booking fee), you will meet the instructor at the VicRoads car park. If you want to be picked up from home then you will have to book in a lesson (or two) prior to the test. They will pick you up and go through a lesson before taking you to the test. 

What is included in the driving test?
The drive test includes 1 hour rent of the instructors car for the test and our driving instructor will sit next to you on the passenger seat during the test. 

What is a re-test? 
Re-test means you must do the test again.

My child is 16 years old and just got the learners permit, can they sit for the driver's license test? 
The minimum age to be eligible for a driving test is 18 in Victoria.

Do you have a car which has interlock installed ready for a license driving test?
No, we do not.

How long does the driving test take? 
Approximately 35 - 40 minutes.

Can I use my own car for the driving test?
Yes, you can. Please refer to the VicRoads website for more information. 

If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to contact us and send us a message or give us a a call on 03 9317 4871.

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