How many Driving Lessons do you need before sitting for a licence driving test

Driving Lessons

How long will it take to complete your lessons ?

If you have just started or are planning to start on taking your driving lessons, chances are that there are lots of questions you might have in mind. Most of the times, the main question that most people have in mind is how long it will take them to complete the lessons before they can take their test and hopefully pass. You’re so eager to acquire your license and get behind the wheel, without needing someone to guide you through. So, back to your question, “how long should it take to get that license after having passed the driving test?” The answer to the question is that there is no defined amount of time that you need.

So, how long will it really take?

You may have heard different answers to how long it can take, with some claiming that you need only 10 lessons. Others will claim you’ll need 67 hours, with 22 hours being with private lessons from a friend or family member, and 45 hours being lessons from your approved driving instructor. The truth is that the amount of time needed to complete your course will entirely depend on a number of varying factors. Remember that people are different, with each “driver-in-the-making” possessing unique skills and needs as well. Other factors such as varying schedules, location, among several other factors will also come into play, as far as the total amount needed for your training is concerned.

Are you training to drive safe or just learn the basics?

One idea you want to have in mind at all times is that you are not training to be "Just a typical driver"; You want to be a confident and safe driver, who knows what it takes to drive safely on the road. Have you ever asked yourself why hundreds if maybe not thousands of new drivers cause accidents on the road each year? It’s because someone was quite eager to get behind the wheel by themselves, that they forgot to focus on being a safe driver. What’s the point of sacrificing your life or someone else’s life in an accident anyway, just because you wanted to save a few hours and maybe a little amount of cash while training?

So, do we just want to stretch out the number of lessons you take with us?

No, we are not after stretching out your lessons so you can pay more or something of the sort. It all depends on how fast you will learn, what you want, and what your budget allows you to get. For high-quality training, with good value for your cash, for example, you could opt to book for 5 lessons, at $215 for automatic and $250 for manual cars training respectively. You can get more information about these prices on our website, and choose the package that you think will work out best for you. At HIENZ driving school, though, we believe that taking more training lessons is far much better than having to rush you through few lessons just so you can pass your license test, only for you to go out there and cause a fatal accident. We believe that safe driving on our roads is achieved only through proper training.

Final commentsTherefore, as you come to book lessons online with us, bear in mind that it will take you as long as it should with as many lessons as you will need, so we can transform you into a safe and confident driver. Remember that accidents can be costly, when you think of catering for automobile repairs, being sued for lost lives, paying medical bills, hiring lawyers, among several other expenses. Would you rather be at risk of causing such accidents so you can save time and cash by rushing your training? If you prefer to avoid such risks, through proper training consider booking for training lessons at HIENZ Driving School, Melbourne.

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