HIENZ driving lessons prices

Driving Lessons

HIENZ driving school has a wealth of experience unmatched in Melbourne. For the past 29 years we have taught so many drivers with a sense of pride in building a better society. We have not conformed to the easy road of incompetency but have chosen to take the long, strenuous and demanding road of competency. Therefore, we believe in what we do as a driving institution. We have never compromised on the quality of driving lessons we offer. We ensure every single dollar our learners spend is worth the lessons and the experience.

When we set out to deliver a wholesome experience, we focused our interests on the learner. Firstly, through the professional lessons we offer at our great institution and through the diverse pricing. The two important phrases we’d love to emphasize on are affordability and personal touch. These are the main elements we subscribe to in our model pricing. We have ensured that our pricing accommodates anyone interested in taking driving lessons. As you will notice on the pricing listed on our website, we consistently and regularly update them to suit our clients’ needs. This is to ensure that our clients have something to look forward to when they sign up with Heinz driving school.

In essence, we have maintained our competitive pricing for a long period now. This in line with the quality of services we offer means that clients are catered for in pricing and quality services. We have maintained a healthy pricing since 2015 as you will notice on our website. Even as everything goes up, we have maintained a level of pricing unparalleled in the industry. But that does not mean we do not strive to improve our services. In fact we do have regular analysis that helps to offer better services to our clients. It’s not just something we’ve adopted in recent years but it’s a lifelong custom HIENZ driving school has stood for in its  over 29 years' history.

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