learn to drive in strict or fun way

Driving Instructors

The question of whether learners need to be taught in a strict or fun way by their instructors does not have a definite answer. There are a few variables that might affect the modes of teaching in strict or fun methods. Obviously, the fun method is a better choice for nearly anyone who wishes to take driving lessons. It’s understandable since, driving should be fun –the driver should immerse himself into the process and become one with the car and the road. However, even in fun times, too, much of something is poisonous.

The fact of the matter is that driving isn’t rocket science and the fun ease the stress for the new drivers. Similarly, the learner needs to be aware of what is happening on the road and the implications in case of a mishap. When the instructor is teaching learners about road safety measures it is crucial to make them understand the severity of a grievous mistake while on the road. The driver needs to get the facts right to ensure they do not become part of the problem. On the other hand, instructors need to loosen up during fun filled parking lessons. Too much strain might cause the drivers to miss concepts involved in pulling out a great parking.

Another good example of a serious moment is during driving test preparations. The instructor needs to impart the right values unto the learner to ensure they are amply prepared. Overall, the lessons should be executed in a fun filled way apart from a few instances when there is supposed to be some level of seriousness to grasp the concepts involved.

The reality is that driving is an enjoyable activity that the learner and instructor should enjoy wholesomely. So should learners be taught in a strict or fun filled way? Well, you be the judge: choose the method that best suits you. Send us your comment: strict or fun.

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