Automatic Car

Toyota Corolla 2020 Hatchback, White

Registration Plate: 1SG-3DH

Vicroads Testing sites

Deer Park.



DIA Number: 0527


As a reputable driving instructor, Ian has a vast amount of knowledge in the driving instructing field, he has the ability to teach anyone with a calm, patient and confident presence. Ian truly cares for his students and his goal is to provide quality lessons to every student that he teaches so that they can drive safely on the road independently. His students have been delighted with the amount of experience that they have gained and are extremely happy with level of professionalism and knowledge.  


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Reviews 5 Star Rating


I booked Ian for my driving test due to Tim being unavailable for my specific timeframe. Within the 2 lessons prior to my test, I still learnt so much that increased my chances of passing the test. His knowledge and ability to teach gave me significant confidence in passing my test, in which I did, first go. I cannot thank Ian enough for his service and I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their driving skills, beginner, intermediate or even advanced. Thank you Hienz Driving School.


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