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HIENZ Driving School Vision

Becoming a role model for every other driving school has come up due to our continued zeal and our ability to insist on quality and perfection of driving lessons in Melbourne. Our driving school in Melbourne CBD always insists on perfection in every aspect of driving that a person is allowed to engage in and this is why we have a track record of complete success. Our learner drivers can therefore get to have a complete driving lesson with the highest level of perfection that will make them the drivers with a level of experience that is next to none.

Our Performance

Competent drivers are arrived at through a continued level of high performance and quality when the driving process comes into mind. In this respect, people can dream of future successes when they come under our wing and our tutorship since we are the best in bringing out the potential that a person has. Our driving instructors in Melbourne CBD have a soft spot for constructive ideas and representations which can add quality to the driving process. This is why our trainers always aim at making sure that the client is comfortable enough to provide their ideas and exhibit their skill without being reprimanded for doing it in the wrong way. This is normally our way of making sure that people are able to learn using what they already know and building on it so that it culminates into a special driving skill.

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Our Commitment 

Our driving lessons in Melbourne CBD come in with new orientations to the way driving lessons are handled. This is to mean that people can always be ready to expect a difference when it comes to how they can learn how to drive and how they can do it in a professional manner that will guarantee their place among the people who have excelled in the driving industry.





You can book your driving lessons online at anytime, anywhere at your convenience. You don't have to send an enquiry form or calling us.




You can organize your driving lessons suitable with your works or studies timetable.



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Highly recommend Hienz Driving School


Thank you for preparing me so well for my driving test! Highly recommend Hienz Driving School!

My driving instructor taught me everything


I passed my driving test today on the first try. My instructor taught me everything I needed to know to pass.

Hienz driving instructor is the best


Hienz driving instructor is the best!! 100% recommend him to all my friends.

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