Hazard Perception Test note Melbourne

Hazard Perception Test

This article gives you examples to understand some situations in the Hazard Perception Test.

Let’s start now.

The mouse is the brake or accelerator as you are telling the computer what you would be doing.

Don’t click mouse if you can’t overtake or turn.

- Don’t overtake a tram. Click the mouse as you get close to the back of it.

- Don’t click the mouse on any scenes at night. You can’t turn or overtake on these. Always check your speed and if the green indicator is flashing, click the mouse as you are looking for a street.

- Any yellow or orange diamond shape on the side of the road. Click the mouse as they get level with the cars.

- If the man is jogging on the nature strip beside you. Watch him as he will run across you at the next intersection, so click the mouse as he gets close to the kerb.

- Any children on nature strip? Watch them as they could head for the road. Click the mouse if they do.

- Any water across the road? It is hazard so click the mouse when you see it.

- If you are in the street that is empty. Look for 2 cars parked on the side of the road as a little girl will walk out in front of the first car and if you overtake the cars, she will walk out and will scare the daylights out of you. Click the mouse as you approach the first car.

- Travelling along a highway. If the cars in front are not causing you to brake, don’t click the mouse. Always look for brake lights and indicators then you have to brake as you are slowing down. If the car in front slow down or signals then you click the mouse.

- If you see a push bike rider riding in the middle of your lane. The computer says click the mouse when you would overtake. Don’t click the mouse as there many cars are coming at you.

- A truck or bus turning in front of you at the traffic lights. Wait until the truck or bus drive past and as the motorbike comes around the back of them - it is clear, then click the mouse.

- If turning at lights, you may see an elderly man. The walking across signal “red man”. Look out for him. Don’t click if you can’t turn.

- Driving through town. You can see a service road and a van will come speeding towards you. Click the mouse as he is trying to beat you out.

- Driving on the small road in the country. A 4-wheel drive is approaching. Click the mouse when you get about 3 cars lengths away as you both have to pull over to let each other pass. if you don’t click he will swerve at the last second to miss you.

- Any scenes in the shade which makes things look dark. You will see a roundabout sign or Children crossing sign.

Here are 4 links for you to practice Hazard Test.


Good Luck.

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