The role of a driving instructor

Driving Instructors

The driving instructor is a very critical person in the driving lessons. The driving instructor holds the key to your final performance during the test. Beyond the lessons they take you through, the driving instructor offers the learners’ motivation as a tutor. The choice of tutor will influence how you approach driving for the rest of your life. If the instructor impacted little road discipline in you, it might affect your driving test and also your driving years later. Therefore, it’s important to work with a driving instructor, who is competent, disciplined, and motivated. There are so many adjectives that can be used to describe a great driving instructor but the above will do for now.

Firstly, the driving instructor is the tutor. He/she takes the drivers through the driving course starting with the basics and into the practicals. The driving instructor also teaches the drivers about road safety plus how a driver should carry themselves. The driving instructor keeps vigil while on the road to ensure that the driver does not cause accidents during the driving lessons. In a nutshell, the instructor is a person who imparts the driver with knowledge they can put in good use while on the road.

Secondly, the driving instructor is the link between the driving lessons and the driving test. If they are not experienced enough they will miss critical titbits regarding the actual test. The driver needs to be prepared on the driving test to ensure they do not fail on the test. The instructor should focus on helping his/her students pass the driving test.

Lastly, the driving instructor counsels. In essence, it is the driving instructors who offer advice on the test and subsequent issuance of a driving licence. When the learner feels low because of tough lessons they should offer them the best advice on how to remain focussed despite the challenges.

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