What are the common mistakes that make you fail the driving test?

Driving Lessons on Test Route


Obviously, people make grief mistakes when taking a driving test. Perhaps, if you are familiar with these mistakes you can avoid them during your own driving test. First on the list of common mistakes during tests is failing to stop at a STOP sign. Oftentimes, drivers taking tests tend to focus so much on driving properly that they forget to make a stop at designated places. Then a driver will forget to give way to other drivers who have the right of way. Another common mistake among test drivers is denying pedestrians the right of way. It’s important to always remember that even pedestrians have rights on the road too.

There are also a myriad of mistakes that test drivers make during the driving tests. For instance, drivers tend to forget to turn their signal on or off. In areas where there is a railway crossing, drivers might also forget to stop or do so at the middle of an intersection as well. Unconsciously, they will miss the sign warning against stopping a car and do it nonetheless. In other cases, the driver will fail to stop objecting the driveway.

Now the green traffic light or green arrow traffic light has so many test drivers confused. They sometimes forget its intention and unknowingly go against the rule it stands to uphold. So they will fail to stop where it has been placed. What about those test drivers who stop without any reason? Surprisingly, quite a number of drivers will do this when taking a test. When you are a test driver you should avoid driving in dangerous speeds because they lead to dangerous driving which leads to dangerous changing of lanes or accidents in extreme cases. In addition, this leads to another common mistake which is running over curbs.

In the end, the biggest mistake drivers make is driving in high speeds. Speaking of high speeds, make sure you are mindful of speeds while driving around school zones.

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