What do license testers test drivers on?

Driving Lessons on Test Route

I am certain that most learners at a driving school ask themselves a question such as what a license tester looks for. The good thing is for the learner to first prepare their mind to be tested ready. The tester is on your side plus you know most of what they will test you on. Of course there are few things that a tester is interested in finding out from you. For one, the tester needs to know that you can safely drive a car on the road. When you get to take your practical driving test you need to be mentally focused to avoid panicking. Take each of your safety rules as the driving instructors taught you.

Secondly, the tester is concerned with how you will react to other drivers on the road. For instance, who should give way while on the road? What do you look for before you enter a highway? That way, you will be able to pass any possible test the testers will request during the test. You need to know each of the give way rules by heart. Thirdly, the tester is keen on seeing whether you know how to abide by traffic rules. They are very important since they maintain sanity on the road.

How well can you park a car? This is another test the tester will test drivers in and so it’s important for you to have mastered the art of parallel reverse parking. What about making turns on the road? They are very crucial and you need to show aptitude when making turns while driving. The tester will be very keen on how you execute the turning techniques. Ultimately, the tester will be interested to find out how you react on the road. This includes how you make elaborate decisions while driving. Lastly, keep in mind that the tester will only test you on what you know.

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