Automatic Car

Vaccinated Instructor

Testing sites: Melton, Broadmeadows, Essendon Fields. Deer Park

Instructors Vehicle: Automatic Transmission, Toyota Corolla 2017 Hatchback, White

DIA Number: 1983

Registration Plate: 1JQ-7RQ

Joe is a seasoned driving instructor that has an abundance of knowledge in the driving instructing field. He has taught many students and often exceeds their expectations, with decades of experience, Joe can provide a you with the correct set of skills to build your confidence in driving. He is patient and provides critical tips for his students to pass the VicRoad tests, Joe has a strong understanding of what a student needs.      

: You can check out our testimonial page or have a look at our Google reviews to see his success with our company. 


5 Star Rating


Before meeting Joe Sabe I went through several driving instructors and many lessons, but had never felt confident enough with an instructor to persevere and get my license. Under the guidance of Joe, he helped transform a nervous and unsure learner into a confident and capable driver who uses good judgement on the road today. Through his techniques in teaching and instilling good habits and helping you break (for good) the bad ones, Joe has helped me in realizing my confidence behind the wheel.
For me, this wasn't just about passing and getting my license, Joe has given me life-long tools on how to be the good driver.
Thank you Joe Sabe and Heinz driving school

Nadia Itaywi

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